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The National Association of REALTORS® wants Broker Owners and their Managers to bring decision-making authority, strong leadership, and your agents' voices to Congress.

To get involved in this dynamic program, simply complete this form and then watch for an e-mail from the NAR staff containing important instructions on how to complete your enrollment.
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I understand my agents/employees will only be contacted in my name through this program on federal legislative issues (usually only one to two times per year).

I am further aware that I will need to be available to NAR to confirm our participation in the program and agent count. I also understand and agree that I will be considered the sender of the emails that my salespeople/agents will receive from this program.

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Broker Owner/Manager
*First Name *Last Name
*NRDS # of Broker Owner/Manager
*Office Name, as registered
*Number of Offices Under Your Leadership
*Total Number of Agents
*Preferred Phone Number, Include Area Code
*Preferred E-mail
Please read the information below carefully before you submit the form.

Auto Participation is the most effective and efficient Broker Call for Action (CFA) method. NAR will alert you by phone and email ( when there is a National Broker CFA (Usually only 3 to 5 times per year). The Broker agrees NAR can send all Broker CFAs with the Broker's name and company logo to their agents, thus enabling their agents to take action quickly on the CFA. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to allow NAR to automatically send the Broker Calls for Action to your agents.

Broker Owners/Managers With More Than 100 Agents: 
For Brokers with 100 or more agents, you may choose to review and approve the CFA messages before they are sent. Please check the box below.
As a Broker with 100 or more agents, by selecting this option, I request to review and approve all Broker Calls for Action before they are sent.
Attach your company logo (a Word, pdf, .gif or .jpg file). The Broker's company logo will go at the top of the Broker Calls for Actions to their agents.
No logo? We can still activate you into the program. Please check the box and we will process this information without a logo.


If you are having problems completing this form, please contact Jim MacGregor at 202-383-1188

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Find out how REALTORS® use their power at the polls to support the REALTOR® Party! Get ready for the elections, meet the candidates and make sure you're registered to vote!
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